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OFL Streams 4 > Annette Condello,   An Architecture of spoils: Irregular reuse and the work of Francesco Venezia  2021

The book charts the transformation of ‘architectural’ spoils inherent in Francesco Venezia’s works and landscapes, mainly in Italy. It concentrates on a selection of his writings, works and projects, including his collaboration with Roberto Collovà and Marcella Aprile, from the 1970s to the present, re-interpreted herein as ‘spoliated’ landscapes for the production of architectural knowledge.

Spoliated landscapes are far more than just simply disfigured sites filled with unfinished, abandoned or illegal buildings – the book offers how the built-up ground has been treated with utmost care. Selected works to be explored include the private and public buildings, and their respective open-air room designs. Beyond Italy, this book’s scope will showcase the projects located in Europe in the 1990s and 2000s. This book reinterprets the connection and continuation between modern and contemporary Italian architecture and its importance for landscape architecture.