Historic Architects
> Aldo Loris Rossi

Aldo Loris Rossi was born in Bisaccia (Italy) in 1933. He studied in Naples in the Faculty of Architecture. Loris Rossi followed the cultural and political action of Bruno Zevi. He is an author of skilled drawings, many of which were donated by the Center Pompidou in Paris and by the FRAC of Orleans. He created high-profile architectural works in Naples, primarily the Casa del Portuale, the Piazza Grande housing complex in the Ponti Rossi area and the building in San Giacomo dei Capri street. He signed the urban plan of the city of Pozzuoli considered, after the evacuation for the earthquake, as a geological-architectural unicum, a natural and artificial megastructure, but he also produced drawings, texts, and projects for many design competitions with the collaboration with Donatella Mazzoleni. He died on June 28, 2018.