OFL at the Chicago Architecture Book Festival 2017

At the Chicago Book Expo, OFL will be represented by Dan Costa Baciu, co-organiser of the Chicago Schools graduate student symposium taking place November 18 at Illinois Institute of Technology in partnership with the Chicago Architecture Biennial. See more on Chicago Book Expo

Lecture in Naples
> Ada Tolla LOT-EK


Lecture: Ada Tolla | LOT-EK, O+O, Objects and Operations

Wednesday March 22rd  11.30 pm

University of Naples | Aula E, Piazzale Tecchio 57 Rome

Festa del Paesaggio and OFL media partners

 Oil Forest League is media partner with Festa del Paesaggio

Deconstruction Talks >
Annette Condello

The OFL Activist Annette Condello invited to the International Symposium in Delft. With ROTOR as Visiting Professor

See more on http://deconstructionconference.nl/