Book Presentation in Rome
> Reversible Doctrine

OFL Book Presentation: Reversible Doctrine by Michele Sbacchi

Thursday March 23rd  6.30 pm

Pantheon Institute | via del Pantheon 57 Rome


Romolo Martemucci (Pantheon Institute)

Giacinto Cerviere (Oil Forest League)

Renato Capozzi (University of Naples)

Federica Visconti (University of Naples)

Michele Sbacchi (University of Palermo)

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> Michele Sbacchi

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Michele Sbacchi is Associate Professor of Architectural Design at Palermo University. MPhil at Cambridge University (supervisor J. Rykwert). PhD at the University of Naples. Post-doctoral at Palermo University. Research assistant of Rykwert at the University of Pennsylvania (1988-1991). 2nd prize (International Competition of the 4a International Bienal de Sao Paulo in Brasil), 3rd prize and mention (International Competition Living as Students, Bologna), 1st price (National Competition for the renewal of Palermo's freeway), mention in the competition for Borgo Murattiano in Bari. Special Mention at the Global and the Local in your city Competition, IFHP, Vienna. He organized the International Competition for Mondello and has directed a research group for the European Project UD&EP. Has taught in International design studios: University of Auckland, IUAV (Venice), Abu Dhabi University. Visiting critic at RCA, London. He edited 2 books and written 4 books and 80 articles. In 2014 he gained the national habilitation as Full Professor.